August 16

Increase in ‘Accounts Receivables’ can hurt your plans on debt reduction

Increase in ‘Accounts Receivables’ can hurt your plans to work on debt reduction. The turbulent economic conditions have led to the creation of a new type of entrepreneur. Massive corporate layoffs have resulted in an explosion in the number of people collecting benefits. Many people believed that during the period in which unemployment benefits were.

August 12

Avoid your future Debts through Cash Flow Management

It has often been said that if you collect early and pay late chances are you will have positive cash flow to deal with your debt.  Certainly, this statement is a great start when developing a cash flow strategy but a business owner needs to consider many factors when analyzing cash. Cash is king and.

August 6

How Debt Relief Services can reduce your bills?

I am a business owner and I am having difficulty paying my bills what should I do? An owner has multiple options, available which will answer the above question. The first question, Is this business viable? Many owners refuse to address this question and continue to invest time, money and energy into a company or.

August 5

Why Debt Advisory is necessary to come out of Debt

The turbulent economy has created a new language. Words such as credit crunch, toxic, meltdown, double-dip recession, housing bubble are now common words. It seems that almost no one has escaped unscathed from the new economy. Large scale corporate layoffs and poor job prospects for college graduates have led to an increase in the number.

August 5

Can I sell my way out of Financial Crisis ?

Can I sell my way out of Financial Crisis and manage a debt settlement? Every business owner will ask this question during their course of owing a business. Statements such as that were a bad quarter, April was my slow season, last month was slow because of the weather are typical statements made by the.